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N6VKK Oct 21, 2005 05:17
Grassa Mod to Fl-7000 (Great)!!! I have the Fl-7000 that Bill Grassa did his modification on, and it now is a fine piece of equipment. Before the mod the equipment was a pain to use and now it is a real pleasure. I can't say enough about the amp since the mod. This is a very quiet amp as compared to the new 1000 watt version, which is another reason to keep it. N6VKK...Dudley...
W9SN Oct 27, 2005 17:33
Bill Grassa - The Man!! I owned one of these amps over a year ago and liked it but knew of it's shortcomings. However, I liked the fact it is just one box (same size as my FT-1000MP Mk), runs 220/110V, built in tuner, band tracks with Yaesu rigs, solid state, and built in remote antenna switch. This amp has just too much to offer for the price. I heard about Bill and what he can do to these and contacted him. He had one for sale and I bought it on the spot! It does well over 800 watts out on all bands. The SWR kick-out problems are gone. I think Bill told me he actually does 8 mods to them when he gets them. I liked it so much, I got a second from him with the mods done to it also. With 2 Mark V rigs and 2 FL-7000 amps with all the mods, I am ready for anything. I even got the rare FAS-1 remote coax switch from Bill and wired it to one amp. Nice switch and amp combo. Bill is freindly, helpful, and honest. If you have one of these amps, or thinking about one, send it to Bill. Yea, you can buy more power and spend more money, but for the price you can get these, you would have to be nuts to pass one up.
KT5X Nov 21, 2005 19:08
service since 1989 Bought this amp new in 1989. It has served my needs, but had become erratic the past few years. I decided to send it to Bill Grassa, N4ATS for the mods and a check-up. Boy, am I glad I did! There is not a single word in the manual about batteries. There are two, they maintain memory. No wonder band changing had become inconsistent. And the old finals had weakened, imbalanced, and needed to be replaced. Back home now, this amp does what it was always supposed to do and never did. Change bands and antennas smoothly and automatically, while running a solid 500 watts out (can do more, but warning, IP3 degrades), and does it quietly and off of 117 volts to boot. Without the mods this amp is troublesome. With them, it is a great small amp. Talk to Bill, he can help you and he is extremely nice to work with. Thank you, Bill! - 73, Fred - kt5x
W6SZG Jan 21, 2006 17:06
Bill Grassa service is perfect I have had the FL-7000 for more than 3 years now and it has served me well. A year ago the 40M input circuit went up in smoke. I read about Bill Grassa and his mods and repairs here on Eham. Contacted him and following his instructions sent him the amp (be sure to do this - he can even tell you how to pack it safely). He did his special mods and repair with a 48 hour turn around. My FL-7000 is now perfect, and in fact better than ever with higher output. Teamed with my FT-990, the pair make a 600 watt output transeiver. If you have one of these rigs and there are issues you need to contact Bill. Cost is very fair and his communication is great.
KH6IRT Jan 23, 2006 21:26
Bill Grassa provides prompt, professional service. Yaesu factory service refused to repair my FL-7000. I was told that the final transistors were obsolete and unavailable. For more than a year the amplifier lurked in the dark shadows of the shack. I was about to give it a toss when a friend mentioned that a chap by the name of Bill Grassa (N4ATS) in Florida repaired and modified these amplifiers and that I should check him out on eHam, which I did. Bill and I talked on the phone. He had plenty of final transistors which he gets from Icom whom still uses them. My old 3 button amplifier was on its way to Florida. Upon inspection of my FL-7000 Bill suggested I allow him to broker a newer, 4 button model and he would part out my older amplifier. I was kept well informed at all stages of the newer amplifier procurement, modification, and delivery back to me. Bill included a multi point, detailed, service and performance check list with the unit. Impressive, professional, I am quite happy. Oh, did I mention the amplifier works great!
VE3XKD Jan 29, 2006 18:18
Bill Grassa is the Right Guy to send it to for mods I picked up one of these amps second hand and it didn't work well at all. I tried modifying it myself, and then it never worked! I read about Bill Grassa here on Eham. I Contacted him and following his instructions sent him the amp. He did his mods and found out that the radio had been tampered with, and the protection disabled! He fixed that problem, fixed a broken LED, then recommended a CPU change - he can get boards from Yaesu to repair these amps and he REALLY KNOWS HIS STUFF!!! All the time I recieved numerous e-mails from him letting me know of the progress, kieeping me in the loop, and the amp arrived back at my QTH really well packed, and working really well. if you find one of these amps used, for a good price, call Bill and send it to him - it is well worth the time and money. I now have a great working, quiet, solid state amp with ATU.
N5TML Feb 10, 2006 13:34
great this unit is a very quiet and very smooth amp as far as my experience with the solid state unit goes. just very smooth...get one you will love it
KF4NI Feb 14, 2006 12:55
Bill Grassa is AAA+++ I was about to trash my FL 7000 because I could not get it repaired. Then I heard about 'Grassa of Fla.' who is the man to contact. Let me tell you what I think of him! He is GREAT!!!!! He bent over backwards to help me. Just a 'peach' of a guy!! and he knows these amps A to Z.!! I am thrilled with my FL 7000 now and it works 100% and I didn't have to break my bank account too!! I highly recommend him and to Bill- Thanks a Million. Ruby Byrd KF4NI North Carolina
KD6JI Mar 15, 2006 15:23
Repair by Bill Grassa I have owned my FL-7000 for over 15 years. It always worked great then suddenly it stopped working. I sent the amp to Bill Grassa, who repaired the problem and performed the mods. I am very pleased with the repair job and service. The machine now works great and Bill kept me in the loop the entire time - which was short because he was very prompt.
N4JA Mar 23, 2006 16:56
Bill Grassa fixed mine also! I traded for an FL-7000 and it was working somewhat. I sent it to Bill Grassa, N4ATS, in St. Cloud, FL for modifications. He discovered someone had disconnected the internal fans and ha removed a lot of components. He replaced the missing components, rebuilt the protection board and completed his modifications. Bill is an FL-7000 genius and his repair work is reasonable in what he charges. The amp works perfectly now.
Posted April 12. 2006 06:52:19
Terrific site Bill, thanks for sharing your expertise in this hobby. Bruce VE3CLN