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WANTED: Non Working FL-7000s

If you have a broken, lightning damaged, or just a flat out non-working FL-7000 amplifier thatís collecting dust, why donít you donate it to a good cause?

I have people who donate broken units to me to use for parts. Let me tell you, and you ask anyone who has sent me an FL-7000 for repair, that I am non profit, do it as a hobby and what little I charge pays for my time and equipment. I work full time as an RF Engineer and do not make a living off the FL-7000.

As a result of donated broken units, I pass this on to others by using what I can from a broken unit to fix another. I have had 7 units so far donated that have repaired at least 30 others at no cost except labor and shipping.

If you have one and want to donate it to me, please feel free to use my FEDEX number which if you email me, I will supply you and even issue a call tag for it! I really appreciate it as well as others you have helped as well.