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Shipping Instructions

  • Attach a check for $165 USD to the top of the FL-7000 (IF you are sending your FL-7000 in for modifications or repairs.)  This covers ALL modifications and return FEDEX ground shipping!
  • Write down your NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, SHIPPING INFO and PHONE NUMBER on a separate piece of paper and place it with the check.
  • Remove the bottom feet from the amplifier and keep (or bag separate and place in box if selling your amplifier)
  • Wrap the FL-7000 in a bag FIRST, before any packaging. Be sure the power cord is OUTSIDE the bag.
  • Insert wrapped amplifier into first box very TIGHT. (you may use original box)
  • Insert first box into a second box with at least 3” padding all the way around it, pack it TIGHT.
  • If using the original Yaesu boxes , use a THIRD non-Yaesu box to keep the original box from getting trashed.
  • Send FEDEX GROUND, insure for $1250.00 (This will cost about $32 to $45 at 68 pounds) OR I can issue you a call tag.
  • WAIVE any signatures.  They know where to place my boxes while I am at work.  Signatures MAY result in delayed return.

When you receive your FL-7000 amplifier back from me, check the following items at once!
  • Inspect for any damage.
  • Replace all four feet (if they were sent with the unit they are attached to the power cord).
  • Check that both fans spin freely by inserting a small thin object through the fan shroud and spinning the blades (do this on the lower and rear fans before power is applied).
  • Assure you are using 117 VAC for AC Power and do NOT use an AC outlet strip that has a breaker on it.