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Below are some comments made by happy FL-7000 owners. Please contribute your comments about N4ATS at this link:  http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/5836.  Thanks!


Posted February 24.2008 21:24:19
Let me say something about Bill Grassa (N4ATS), The man is nothing short of a God send for us Yaesu FL-7000 owners! I recently purchased a 7000 from a gentleman in northern Georgia a few weeks ago, it was just this weekend that i had a chance to finally connect it to my Yaesu FT-920 and see what it would do. I carefully read the 7000 and 920 manuals for connections and operating instructions. After 9 hours of frustration and no luck i was just about ready to call it quits. I decided to call Bill on his cell phone, now mind you this is Sunday, a day of rest , I felt bad about calling him on Sunday but my weekdays are really tied up and I was at wit's end. Bill answered the phone, listened to my situation and gave me some suggestions and had me do a few things to ensure the 7000 was in working order. I hung up, tried them and again no luck. I called Bill again about an hour later, he went to his shop, pulled out the 920 manual and researched alittle, had me try one other thing and then it happened FIRE in the Hole! or should i say RF output at the 7000!!!.

I have nothing but admiration for Bill and his technical abilities, he is a a one in a million and all of us FL-7000 owner/operators should be and are very appreciative for having him available to us.
Thank You once again Bill for your Time, knowledge and especially your patience in assisting me with my no former problem.
Robert Arnold

Posted August 7.2007 20:14:12
After more than a year of flawless performance with my FT-840 and then a FT-2000 front-ending my FL-7000 my system developed a severe RFI problem in the audio. I asked for input from the FT-2000 Yahoo list of 1600 participants, of which many are top technical folks, and all input was to dismantle and try each component and then add a component until the problem part was identified or the problem disappeared.

I was thinking there was a problem with the amplifier so in parallel I asked Bill, N4ATS, if he thought it was the amp and if I should send it to him for repair. His response was a one liner.... "move the PTT line OR the Band Data cable away from the RF lines and this will fix it" I thought he had some pretty "big ones" to act so confident. It was an easy first step so I did what he told me to do. PROBLEM GONE! He scares me a little bit with what he knows about the FL-7000 and rigs in general but the advice is one we should all heed.... be careful when we run our wires and cables!

Besides his technical capability he and his associate, Steve Weiss N3ATS, are a pleasure to deal with.


Posted June 2.2007 14:56:19
I purchased an FL-7000 from Bill Grassa N4ATS and needed a Band Data cable to connect my FT-897D to the amp. There is no stock Yaesu cable that will connect the two, so a custom cable was in order. Bill directed me to his associate Steve N3ATS. In short order I recieved a quality cable from Steve at a very reasonable price; excellent construction and quality components. If you radio has a band data jack for controlling an amp, this is the place to go to get custom quality cable.

73 de K6SBA
David in Santa Barbara CA

Posted May 9.2007 06:07:10
Bill's legendary reputation with the FL 7000 is well earned and deserved. I obtained one thru trade recently and found it to be hyper-sensitive to SWR, overdrive etc. In short, it wouldn't perform reliably. Sent it to Bill for corrective action. It is now on-line and puts out 800 watts on all bands without dropping off line. Bill turned a dog into a wolf! Very reasonable price, super fast turn around and great performance afterward make recommendation of N4ATS easy! Nobody does it better!!! N7HR

Posted April 22.2007 02:12:37
Having used and built tube amps for the past 36 years I wanted to try a solid state amp to run our legal 750W PEP out. After repeated reading of the general introduction of VA7OJ ( What makes a good solid state amp ? ) it seemed that Mosfets like the MOTOROLA MRF 150 were state-of-the-art. So I considered the AMERITRON ALS-600 and the Italian SPE Expert 1K-FA. What made me feel insecure about the whole subject was the fact that few fellow hams use HF solid states except those wealthy plug-and-play guys with the latest ICOM and YAESU amps for $ 5000 up...
But then I ran into this amazing homepage of Bill N4ATS, wow, that FL-7000 appeared to be a real classic piece of equipment.
A few weeks later, the (in)famous German contest-station DR1A threw 4 of them into the 2nd hand market after having used them as pre-drivers @ 200W for contest-work ( now employing 4 brand new ACOM1000 amps )
So I paid the requested $ 1400 and was given a dusty, heavy-weight old lady less instruction manual or any other documentation. Oh-oh-oh....
On the one hand I was impressed by the solid construction and shining beauty after cleaning,
but on the other hand the PROTECT kept tripping whenever 10W drive power were exceeded.
I downloaded the manual from N4ATS and tried to re-align, but without noticeable effect.
Being the shy guy I hesitated to contact Bill who obviously has achieved some status when it comes to the FL-7000.
Much to my surprise though, Bill not only gave me the breakthrough instructions to overcome the difficulties - no, he has cared more than any after-sales-service I ever ran into. This ham spirit is very hard to find these days.
But after having performed dozens of test-runs with the FL-7000, I am not exaggerating when I say:
Without Bill, following the YAESU specs, be prepared for all kinds of surprises.
With Bill, the FL-7000 to me is the best solid state HF amp this sort of money can buy. Now this
FL, costing me 70% of the price when it was new, has turned into a work horse. 600W as per Bill
is enough power ( although you can get more )
Required drive is 20...50W for 160m...10m.... DK5DR

Posted April 13.2007 08:26:12
If you are looking for an under-1KW amp, and want solid state, your choices are limited. There are of course the $4K amps from ICOM and Yaesu. The is also the newly approved Tokyo Hi-Power units for +$3K. At the other end of the scale (in more ways than one) are the offerings from MFJ/Ameritron. Somewhere in between is the SGC Power Cube, Tentec Herc II, and finally the Yaesu FL-7000.

I didn't want to spend $3000 or more and I don't trust the low end offerings. The Herc II is a real risk because of the unavailability of the PA finals. There seems to be pretty mixed reviews of the SGC product, and less than complete satisfaction with after sales service.

I guess I am "stuck" with the FL-7000, and am I happy! An FL-7000 that is in good shape AND has been serviced by Bill Grassa, N4ATS, is some of the best $1200-1400 you will spend in ham radio. My particular model was purchased directly from Bill with all of his tweaks and mods. This amp is a super combination with both my FT-2000 (automatic band change with one cable) and my little FT-897 (no cable yet, so band change is manual).

When used in conjunction with a good manual tuner (a Palstar AT1KM, in my case)you have a powerhouse with all kinds of fault protection.

The amp is extremely well built with components that will last a long time was proper operating care. Bill Grassa is available for fantastic support and service.

It has been said that the first 500 watts is what really matters. Busting a pile-up with N8S on 17-meters has convinced me of that.

If you are looking for a low profile amp, don't overlook this aging but still hot beauty. K6SBA

Posted April 13.2007 08:07:54
The combination of an FL-7000 and support from Bill Grassa is unbeatable. However, without Bill the FL-7000 would probably still suffer from a less than sterling reputation. There are really two FL-7000's: BB (before Bill) and AB (after Bill). Read the eHam reviews of the amp and you will see that once Bill started enhancing the FL-7000, the bugs and nits all seemed to go away.

In my case, I recently purchased an FL-7000 directly from Bill. He indicated that it was a premium price because the amp was so nice; and indeed it was!

Upon receiving the amp, I had a minor problem and contacted Bill. He encouraged me to make the minor fix myself, but my work commitment minimize my "learn by doing" time." Bill had me ship the amp back to him, fixed the problem, shipped it back ASAP. Super service. I am really enjoying the amp, and I know I have made a good investment because of Bill's commitment to this product and, more importantly,to his customers.

Thanks again, Bill!

73 de K6SBA
David in Santa Barbara CA

Posted March 19.2007 16:23:32
I recently had problems with my FT-1000mp Mark V Field. Knowing Bill has a lot of experience with Yaesu equipment I gave him a call asking his opinion. At that time he suggested that even though Yaesu factory service didn't get the best reviews, they might be my only option based on what I was telling him. That was two to three days ago. This afternoon Bill gave me a call and said he had been looking at the schematic and thought he had pin pointed my problem and that if I hadn't sent the rig to anyone for repair he would take a look at it. Unfortunately I had sent the rig off for repair this morning.

Kudos to you Bill for following up with me and going way beyond the extra mile. All I can say is what a guy. An asset to the hobby and a fine gentleman. You'll definitely get my business


Posted March 15.2007 07:30:45
I have just received my #2 FL-7000 back from the very capable hands of Bill Grassa/N4ATS. This prarticular amp has provided me with many years of reliable service, but finally required some competent repairs. Having already had one amp completely redone by Bill a few months ago, I didn't hesitate to send this one for repair. Bill obviously "knows" these amps thoroughly and he quickly determined the various problems. He informed me of the issues and allowed me to determine the viability of repairs with a complete cost breakdown, which was more than fair. He completed repairs quickly and with the amp now back on my desk, I am, more than satisfied with his services. Thanks, Bill, for your assistance and for your efforts in keeping a wonderful amplifier "in service" for the Ham community.

Jim Bull/KE3NK

Posted March 4.2007 12:18:37
I sent my FL 7000 to Bill Grassa for repair on a monday, on Tuesday I got an email that he had recieved it and was ready to work on it
that evening I had a phone call from Bill with a question about the AMP.after getting the information I got another email that he had found the problem and was working on it
on Thursday I got an email that it was finished and was ready for shipment the next day
on Saturday it back home again.
It is very hard to find the kind of service that Bill gives in this day and age.
If you have an amp that needs work this is the place to send it, and you will find the pricing is very fair also WA8QYJ

Posted February 15.2007 12:08:10
Just wanted to tell everyone how satisfied I was with Bill N4ATS. I dropped my FL7000 off on Friday at the Orlando HamCation with Bill and it was shipped back on Monday and received on Tuesday the following week. Bill fixed all the problems with the AMP and put all the modifications in. It is working GREAT and I could not be happier. Bill even called on Tuesday to see that it arrived and in good condition. He also provided great technical help. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bill if you have a problem or just want the modifications to the FL7000. 73-- Gary KD4VRZ

Posted February 08.2007 19:31:15
How fortunate I am to have come across the website of Bill Grassa, N4ATS, the Master of the FL-7000. Not only does Bill repair and gets your FL-7000 back to factory specs, but improves it with modifications. Now the amplifier is in tip top condition, but I still had problems. Most technicians will tell you there isn't anything wrong with the amp and there is a problem elsewhere. Goodbye! But, Bill has spent a lot of time on the phone with me, checking connections and walking me through various tests. The results proved to be negative. Bill was very concerned why the amp still wasn't operating properly and wanted me to send the amp back to him. Once again after Bill checked it out, he found nothing wrong with the amp and it was working fine. BUT NOT AT MY STATION!!! We spoke on the phone again and he thought now it might be the Band Data connection on te FL-990. That was the problem. After fixing it, everything is working OK now. I would like everyone to know what a DEDICATED person Bill is, what PRIDE he has in his work and how far he will go to be sure you get on this air. If you want to know how to spell "Class", it's N4ATS. He is a credit to the Amateur Radio community. Vinnie WB1V

Posted December 29.2006 15:21:28
I recently purchased my FL-7000, used and modified from Bill Grassa, and I could not be happier. I have a Yaesu FT-990 which mates to the 7000 perfectly. In my search for a 7000 I came across Bill's name on eham.com; everything I read about Bill turned out to be true. He went out of his way to walk me through correctly cabling my 7000 to the 990 and other rigs in my shack, and keeping me out of trouble. He did all this during the pre-Christmas rush while talking to me from his cell phone- what a guy! The 7000 runs great, looks great, and is simple to operate. If your looking for a 7000, Bill is the man to talk to. 73- Fred / W2FMB

Posted November 07. 2006 14:55:11
Hi, I am a new Ham. I acquired my Tech License April 15, 2006. Earned my General License July 29th, 2006. I have enjoy the hobby. Never had any experience with a person (s) like Bill Grassa (N4ATS) and his associate Steve Weiss (N3ATS) (Parts Dept.) ... It is very conforming to know that when you enter a hobby there are still real gentleman left in the world ... one of the finest human beings out there ... I purchase a used Yaesu FT-7000 in August ... Ran the rig on 75/40 with High SWR ...Developed VCC voltage to high ... Bill (N4ATS) give instructions & sent up parts to me to repair the Amp ... Also had more problems ... supported me with tech support & more parts ... Amp works fine now ... Steve Weiss (N3ATS) (Parts) assisted me with the CT-11 data cable for the Yaesu FT-920 to the Yaesu FL-7000 ... Steve also supported me with instructions & help ... WOW !!! What a great team ... "Your the man" (Men) ... Both of these men have gone "beyond the call of duty" If any one needs more information, Please feel free to contact me ... 73/Bob W1WYZ ...

Posted November 06. 2006 19:48:32
I’ve owned five FL-7000’s over the past 20 years and although they operated satisfactorily, they had their faults. (No Pun Intended). With the recommendations of several sources, I sent one of my two remaining amps down to Bill/N4ATS to “heal” it.

It was faulting regularly and output power was down to below 400 watts. Bill did a thorough checkout and discovered two of the final power transistors had experienced meltdown. He replaced those, completed his magic “desensing mods”, aligned and generally tuned it to “better than” specs. It’s back in the shack now and just completed a busy three days of trouble free QSO’s. Many Thanks, Bill, and my second FL-7000 will be shipped shortly. Jim/KE3NK

Posted September 30. 2006 08:38:16
Bill Grassa (N4ATS) is the 'go to guy' on these amplifiers. I have known Bill for several years now via a CB website. Bill is a master technician and repair-man for all types of rigs and HF gear. However, his passion is the FL-7000, modifying about 20+ a month!
Back in June of 2006, I purchased a 3 button, Yaesu FL-7000 from my elemr KE3NK. The amp needed updating and modification. It worked fine, but I knew it needed the touch from Bill so I shipped it down to him without even using it myself in my shack! His reputation is that good!,...
Bill modified and updated everything, including all the Yaesu bulletins. He even changed out and replaced the Yaesu processing board to track the bands at no extra charge to me. I would say that the amp was completed and re-shipped to me within two weeks! Fast turnaround time! WOW!
Bill is also a fine customer service agent,... he forwarded his cell#, work#, and home# to me so as to stay in touch. He even took a call at his work to help me with a PTT cable question I had and to do some testing.
Bill's name is well known in amateur circles here in Northern Virginia as I overheard a few hams talking about sending their FL-7000's down to him at a recent hamfest,... I guess the word is out?!,... and well deserved for Bill! I would recommend him without any hesitation as he is a true asset to the FL-7000 owner.
BTW, the amp works flawlessly,... full output with low drive from my Kenwwod gear. It runs cool on 120V, and the turbo fans haven't even kicked on yet.
In conclusion, Bill will take care of you and your amp. He is reasonably priced, even stating that he is not here "to make a living off the 7000." If there is an issue, Bill WILL make it right
Thanks again Bill for taking care of me!
73 Bruce K4BOF

Posted July 31. 2006 17:48:32
Purchased a FL-7000 from a ham in New England and had it sent to Bill N4ATS for check out and updating. To my supprise Bill checked out the amp thouroughly and did the current mods to it at a very modest cost! I would recommend Bill to anyone having a FL-7000 and needing repairs,mods or just to have him go through it to perk it up! Well when I got it I had some problems getting it to act right and a call to Bill took care of that! Bill stayed on the phone with me till he figured out what the problem was,told me what to do and I did it that night. The next day I got a call from Bill checking up on how the amp was running and I told him it was PERFECT! When was the last time someone took the time to call you back to check on wether the problem was resolved or not! Bill does!!! I would recommend Bill N4ATS for any FL-7000 needs!!! Rich N9CEX

Posted June 08. 2006 20:59:17
I can't say enough good things about Bill N4ATS. I've happily owned my L7000 for about 16 years now however recently I managed to blow it up. At first glance it the damage didn't look too bad, however as Bill got into the amp it became obvious the damage was severe. Bill turned a totallydisastrous situation into a one I could live with. Somehow I manage to blow a relay, the LPF board and all the finals! Bill went way above and beyond the call of duty in that he procured many of the parts from 'donor' amps. As much damage as there was I had the amp back in record time. Thanks for the miracle Bill! I highly recommend N4ATS to anyone who owns an FL7000, his mods are a must and his repairs first class. 73, Rich Vitello - W1RV

the world would be wonderful if everyone was like bill - it seems obvious to me that he is doing this out of love - lets hope he has a long and healthy life (so he can keep our fl-7000's and hobby alive - as well as promoting such a great value system) merrill knopf, md WW6AA
Posted June 25. 2006 12:04:06 from
Bought a second FL-7000 amp at a good price and had some issues with it. Blown 7812 reg and a few other problems with the PA fan running at low speed. Well let me tell you, I've almost giving up on this and wanted to send this amp to Bill to fix, but with his patience and know-how of the amp, he basically walked me through the steps needed to bring this amp back to life. Also purchased the Band Cable for my FT-1000mp and also for my TS-870s - what qualit construction, along with the hi-quality coax jumpers - PERFECT in everyway! Bill - Just want to say a few things, "thanks so much for ALL your help" and "Bill for President" 73's - Spiro (KJ1R)
Posted June 20. 2006 10:01:05 from
Bill Grassa (N4ATS) is one of the finest human beings out there, period. I know people on this site give "Good Guy" reports all the time but this gentleman has gone above and beyond the call of duty. I purchased a Yaesu Quadra amplifier from Mike Jackson (W4ABX) only to find that the power supply had some problems and the microprocessor needed to be replaced (looked like a lightning hit). I knew Yaesu would charge me an arm and a leg and Mike Jackson told me he would not help so I called upon my good friend Bill Grassa, a known expert with Yaesu FL-7000 amplifiers. Who better I asked myself.? Through the years Bill and I have done each other favors so he took up the challenge. Bill spent hours diagnosing the problem, first repairing the power supply only to discover the microprocessor needed to be replaced. Bill ordered the part from Yaesu, installed, tested, and then closed up the units and shipped them back to me. I fired them up and they are SUPER! Bill would only let me pay him for the part, NO LABOR. He did it as a favor to me, because he is a good and caring person, and his reward was that he has learned a great deal about the Yaesu Quadras so he should be able to tackle those with ease as well. I can not say enough about Bill Grassa. THANKS BILL!! Your friend, Adam Farber W4AJF.
Posted June 13. 2006 22:28:24 from
A user-friendly and EASY site to navigate. Bill, you and Steve have done a great job. Everything one needs to know about this amplifier is right here. Yaesu / Vertex Standard couldn't have done a better job than this, not even close. What a great service! Did I mention that I already ordered a cable from Steve and sent the FL-7000 to you on June 13, 2006?!,... WOW, CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT BACK! I am sure it will be the top dog in the kennel! 73--Bruce Ferratt--K4BOF
Posted June 07. 2006 00:02:47 from
Awesome site Bill, just a wealth on knowledge made available to us fl-7000 users. Great amp, great site and a great man! Thanks for all your assistance and support. -Spiro (KJ1R)
Posted May 19. 2006 21:27:05 :
I bought an FL 7000 amp, used and modified, from Bill Grassa. The thing just plain...works great, period. It is beautiful to look at, is in mint condition and works like a charm. It has fast become one of my most prized ham piece of equipment. The mods that he has designed should have been thought of, by the people at Yaesu, years and years ago. He really knows what he's doing. If you have one of these...YOU NEED THE MODS AND GET THEM DONE, BY BILL, as fast as you can. You won't be sorry. 73 de N4RAP Dr. Wayne D Scott
Posted April 13. 2006 20:32:16 from
Bill, Great site, very nicely done & professional; just like your help with the amp....... To FL-7000 users; you can't beat this guy, he just a super individual and a real gentleman, sent him my 7000 on a Wednesday, he got it on Friday, went thru it that weekend, shipped it back to me on Monday and I had it back on the air on Wednasday. Seven days there and back; plus it works like a champ and cant be beat. After I got it back HE called me twice to make sure everything was a OK. Wish more people were like Bill. 1 in a 1,000,000 Thanks Again, Steve Marrow WD4GYN
Posted April 12. 2006 14:54:24 from
It's great knowing there is some one to take care of my FL-7000. 73's Stanton Davis de N2GOK
Posted April 12. 2006 10:25:31 from
Great site, Bill. You're the best. Good luck. Dr Wayne Scott N4RAP
Posted April 12. 2006 06:52:19 from
Terrific site Bill, thanks for sharing your expertise in this hobby. Bruce VE3CLN
N4JA Mar 23, 2006 16:56 Bill Grassa fixed mine also! I traded for an FL-7000 and it was working somewhat. I sent it to Bill Grassa, N4ATS, in St. Cloud, FL for modifications. He discovered someone had disconnected the internal fans and ha removed a lot of components. He replaced the missing components, rebuilt the protection board and completed his modifications. Bill is an FL-7000 genius and his repair work is reasonable in what he charges. The amp works perfectly now.
KD6JI Mar 15, 2006 15:23 Repair by Bill Grassa I have owned my FL-7000 for over 15 years. It always worked great then suddenly it stopped working. I sent the amp to Bill Grassa, who repaired the problem and performed the mods. I am very pleased with the repair job and service. The machine now works great and Bill kept me in the loop the entire time - which was short because he was very prompt.
KF4NI Feb 14, 2006 12:55 Bill Grassa is AAA+++ I was about to trash my FL 7000 because I could not get it repaired. Then I heard about 'Grassa of Fla.' who is the man to contact. Let me tell you what I think of him! He is GREAT!!!!! He bent over backwards to help me. Just a 'peach' of a guy!! and he knows these amps A to Z.!! I am thrilled with my FL 7000 now and it works 100% and I didn't have to break my bank account too!! I highly recommend him and to Bill- Thanks a Million. Ruby Byrd KF4NI North Carolina
N5TML Feb 10, 2006 13:34 great this unit is a very quiet and very smooth amp as far as my experience with the solid state unit goes. just very smooth...get one you will love it
VE3XKD Jan 29, 2006 18:18 Bill Grassa is the Right Guy to send it to for mods I picked up one of these amps second hand and it didn't work well at all. I tried modifying it myself, and then it never worked! I read about Bill Grassa here on Eham. I Contacted him and following his instructions sent him the amp. He did his mods and found out that the radio had been tampered with, and the protection disabled! He fixed that problem, fixed a broken LED, then recommended a CPU change - he can get boards from Yaesu to repair these amps and he REALLY KNOWS HIS STUFF!!! All the time I recieved numerous e-mails from him letting me know of the progress, kieeping me in the loop, and the amp arrived back at my QTH really well packed, and working really well. if you find one of these amps used, for a good price, call Bill and send it to him - it is well worth the time and money. I now have a great working, quiet, solid state amp with ATU.
KH6IRT Jan 23, 2006 21:26 Bill Grassa provides prompt, professional service. Yaesu factory service refused to repair my FL-7000. I was told that the final transistors were obsolete and unavailable. For more than a year the amplifier lurked in the dark shadows of the shack. I was about to give it a toss when a friend mentioned that a chap by the name of Bill Grassa (N4ATS) in Florida repaired and modified these amplifiers and that I should check him out on eHam, which I did. Bill and I talked on the phone. He had plenty of final transistors which he gets from Icom whom still uses them. My old 3 button amplifier was on its way to Florida. Upon inspection of my FL-7000 Bill suggested I allow him to broker a newer, 4 button model and he would part out my older amplifier. I was kept well informed at all stages of the newer amplifier procurement, modification, and delivery back to me. Bill included a multi point, detailed, service and performance check list with the unit. Impressive, professional, I am quite happy. Oh, did I mention the amplifier works great!
W6SZG Jan 21, 2006 17:06 Bill Grassa service is perfect I have had the FL-7000 for more than 3 years now and it has served me well. A year ago the 40M input circuit went up in smoke. I read about Bill Grassa and his mods and repairs here on Eham. Contacted him and following his instructions sent him the amp (be sure to do this - he can even tell you how to pack it safely). He did his special mods and repair with a 48 hour turn around. My FL-7000 is now perfect, and in fact better than ever with higher output. Teamed with my FT-990, the pair make a 600 watt output transeiver. If you have one of these rigs and there are issues you need to contact Bill. Cost is very fair and his communication is great.
KT5X Nov 21, 2005 19:08 service since 1989 Bought this amp new in 1989. It has served my needs, but had become erratic the past few years. I decided to send it to Bill Grassa, N4ATS for the mods and a check-up. Boy, am I glad I did! There is not a single word in the manual about batteries. There are two, they maintain memory. No wonder band changing had become inconsistent. And the old finals had weakened, imbalanced, and needed to be replaced. Back home now, this amp does what it was always supposed to do and never did. Change bands and antennas smoothly and automatically, while running a solid 500 watts out (can do more, but warning, IP3 degrades), and does it quietly and off of 117 volts to boot. Without the mods this amp is troublesome. With them, it is a great small amp. Talk to Bill, he can help you and he is extremely nice to work with. Thank you, Bill! - 73, Fred - kt5x
W9SN Oct 27, 2005 17:33 Bill Grassa - The Man!! I owned one of these amps over a year ago and liked it but knew of it's shortcomings. However, I liked the fact it is just one box (same size as my FT-1000MP Mk), runs 220/110V, built in tuner, band tracks with Yaesu rigs, solid state, and built in remote antenna switch. This amp has just too much to offer for the price. I heard about Bill and what he can do to these and contacted him. He had one for sale and I bought it on the spot! It does well over 800 watts out on all bands. The SWR kick-out problems are gone. I think Bill told me he actually does 8 mods to them when he gets them. I liked it so much, I got a second from him with the mods done to it also. With 2 Mark V rigs and 2 FL-7000 amps with all the mods, I am ready for anything. I even got the rare FAS-1 remote coax switch from Bill and wired it to one amp. Nice switch and amp combo. Bill is freindly, helpful, and honest. If you have one of these amps, or thinking about one, send it to Bill. Yea, you can buy more power and spend more money, but for the price you can get these, you would have to be nuts to pass one up.
N6VKK Oct 21, 2005 05:17 Grassa Mod to Fl-7000 (Great)!!! I have the Fl-7000 that Bill Grassa did his modification on, and it now is a fine piece of equipment. Before the mod the equipment was a pain to use and now it is a real pleasure. I can't say enough about the amp since the mod. This is a very quiet amp as compared to the new 1000 watt version, which is another reason to keep it. N6VKK...Dudley...