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N4ATS Station

My station equipment is as follows:
  • 65' Rohn Tower
  • Tennadyne T-6 Log Periodic
  • Comet GP-15
  • Yaesu G-800SA Rotor

Pictured from left to right...

Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V Field / SP-8-LL-7/Heil GM Microphone.
Kenwood TS-870SAT/PS-52/SP-31/Heil GM Microphone with an HC-5 Element for HF.
Under the TS-870SAT is a Kenwood TS-2000/SP-23/MC-60A
with a Yaesu VR-5000 receiver in the hole to the left,
and in the hole on the right is a Kenwood SW-2100 Meter.
To the right is a Yaesu FL-7000 (of course)!

I run a Yaesu FT-100D in my 2003 Toyota Solara. I have a passion for repairing Yaesu FL-7000 amplifiers and have completed over 300 of them! I LIVE on 17 meters and also have a passion for TX'ing Hi-Fi SSB!!!