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FL-7000 Q&A

Here are the answers to most commonly asked questions about the FL-7000 amplifier.

Question: Is the operate LED supposed to come on when I press the Operate Button on my FL-7000?

Answer: NO , The Operate LED will only illuminate when the PTT button is pressed on the exciter.(pending the exciter is conected by either the FL-7000 Interface cable or PTT jack on the back of the FL-7000)

Question: What is the difference between a 3 and a 4 button FL-7000?

Answer: The FL-7000 has two different versions, the so called “three-button" and the so called “four-button" unit. The difference is that the 4 button has a switch that reduces the bias in half for RTTY work. That’s it! Other than that there are NO differences. There are “rumors” that go around that the 4 button has less problems. This is NOT true. functionality wise, they are identical in every aspect.

Question: Can I run my tuner in my radio along with the FL-7000?

Answer: NO, you can not run the radio tuner while using the FL-7000 in line. The radio will continuously try to tune the input to the FL-7000 making operation very erratic as far as power input. Turn OFF the internal tuner on the radio while using the FL-7000.

Question: How do I set the ALC on the FL-7000?

Answer: On the back of the FL-7000 is an ALC connection along with an ALC adjustment. Once these two connections are connected to the exciter, turn power ON to the exciter (standby mode).

Turn ON the attenuator on the back of the FL-7000.

Turn OFF the FL-7000 TUNER (you must have a good SWR to set the ALC)

Adjust the ALC control in the back of the FL-7000 to CENTER (12:00 position) using a bladed screwdriver.

WHILE NOT TRANSMITTING, set the exciter to the CW mode, full power output (100 watts or MAX power), band to 20 meters and make sure the exciter internal tuner is OFF(if any).

Push in the OPERATE button on the FL-7000. If you are using a Yaesu radio with the BAND DATA CABLE hooked up, you will need to use AUTOMATIC mode (Manual button out). If using a Kenwood radio, you must use manual mode and switch bands manually so you will have to push in the MANUAL button.

Press the MOX button on the exciter and quickly set the ALC control on the back of the FL-7000 to 600 watts MAX. If you can not reach 600, Release the MOX button, turn OFF the ATTN on the back of the FL-7000 and step through this procedure again.

If you still can not reach 600 watts, check the drive power into the amplifier AND/OR make sure you have a good match on your current antenna system. Always follow instuctions as explained in "FL-7000 Care".

Question: Can I add a Band Data Cable to my Kenwood or Icom to feed the FL-7000?

Answer: The Kenwood and Icom output interface to connect the FL-7000 is not the same as Yaesu , i.e. the BAND DATA commands are not present, however we make the cable to connect the Kenwood or Icom exciter to the FL-7000 for transmit (PTT) and ALC inputs. This cable is made of the best graded materials we can find. It is just as easy to switch the bands with a "one finger touch" on the band "up" or band "down" keys. I am in process of working with Micro Ham on their line of CAT to 4 BIT controllers that WILL enable the auto band changing from a non-Yaesu exciter.